Beaut Ute

Entry Fee: $20.00 for 1 Ute & 1 Ute Attendant passes into Competition Area
Includes My Beaut Ute Class Plus 1 other Choice Of Class Entry
Time:  All entries to be on ground by 9.30am Saturday 21st October 2017 for Judging.
Where:  Esperance Agricultural Show Grounds (Gate entry via Brazier St ONLY)

Forms and payment available at Sheldon Paint & Panel
Ph: 08 90712696
Fax: 08 90714735

mailto:[email protected]

or the
Esperance Show office
Ph: 08 90712598
Fax: 08 90715525
Email: [email protected]


Collect “My Beaut Ute” vehicle & attendant passes and receipt upon payment of your competition entry fee prior to entries close 4pm on the 18th October 2017, late entries May not be accepted.   Early entry’s maybe mailed out by early Oct 2017.

Contact:  Keith Unstead
Ph: 0417071442
Email: [email protected]
Entries close 4pm Wednesday 18th October 2017. **Late entries May not be accepted**
2017 Beaut Ute Entry Form and Section Entry Information: My Beaut Ute 2017 Entry Form Entry Form 2017

Conditions of Entry:

  1. All vehicles are to be registered (coved by third party Insurance).
  2. Late arrivals to grounds may not be permitted to enter competition.
  3. All vehicles to have a responsible attendant at all times
  4. Once on Show Ground the Society will be under no liability for any loss or damage occasioned to or by any property exhibited, whether caused by or attributed to the negligence of the Society or of its servants or agents or otherwise howsoever.
  5. All vehicles to stay at competition site till 2.30pm & asked to participate in the Grand Parade.
  6. The Judges decision is final (Your attendant may impress with a short sell (during inspection) to promote your Ute)

Competition Main Judging Points – All entries will be Judged in classes entered – $5.00 per extra class.

Entries: will be Judged on – Presentation of Exterior, Cab Interior, Engine Bay, Weld Body or Tray, Tools, Equipment, Accessories & Spares Lay Out &
Condition. You will have less than 5 minuts to impress the judges.

My Beaute Ute 2017 (My Beaute Ute 2014 Over All Winner) Sponsored By Sheldon Paint & Panel
Beaute Ute scoring highest?? but may not win any individual Class. Fitted with your modifications to enhance the performance or economics of your Beaute Ute, eg: alternative fuels, recycling waste or heat emissions or parts fabricated from alternative materials – these enhancements do not have to be efficient but need to be shown to be in use & modifications, artwork to suit your own requirements or activities.

Beaute Street Ute 2017(Urban Ute) Sponsored By EMG (Esperance Motor Group)
Beaute Ute built for street performance, high exterior – interior presentation, with personalized modifications, accessories & spares for the comfort & entertainment of pilot, passengers & crowd?

Beaute Off Road Ute 2017 (All Terrain – Self Supporting) Sponsored By BPL Haulage
Beaute Ute go anywhere? Is able to handle the worst of conditions getting you from A to B? with all sorts of accessories, roo bar, bull bar, roll bars, winch, extra tyres, rims, lights, communicational & safety equipment?

Beaute Classic Ute 2017 (A Proud Ute) Sponsored By Esperance Glass Services
Beaute Ute loved, cherished, aged & a Beautey, restored & or original paint & panels, standard equipment & personalized accessories?

Beaute Service Ute 2017 (Promoting Business) Sponsored By Cleanaway Esperance
Beaute Ute promote your business with trade name, contact numbers openly displayed & equipped to provide a better service to your customers & suppliers.

Beaute Feral Ute 2017 (Licensed Hack) Sponsored By Hoey’s Exhaust Centre
Beaute Ute still get you from one destination to another & doing the job required but not quite in style, a little rough around the edges, lacking the required love & attention, not quite as comfortable as you might like & maybe having trouble performing (running rough?), showing wear & tear?

Beaute Rural Ute 2017 (Country Life Ute) Sponsored By Chucky’s Earthworks
Beaute Ute for all round performance, a rugged exterior, user friendly interior, with customized modifications, accessories & spares to meet the challengers of long days in the remote country life for man & his best friend.

Beaute Chicks Ute 2017 (A Girls Own Ute) Sponsored By Canefire Rum
Beaute Ute personalised, modified, maintained by the female owner creating an accessory / extension of herself.

Beaute B&S Ute 2017 (Country Fun & Show) Sponsored By G & B Haulage
Beaute Ute built for country performance & show eg: dusted exterior / used interior / personalized modifications / country accessories for the comfort & entertainment for a crowd? Battle scars with stories to tell??

Class presentations in the main arena & all Winners to participate in the Grand Parade

Furthest Travelled Sponsored By South East Petroleum
Best Audio Sound Sponsored By Sheldon Paint & Panel
Best Decorated Ute Sponsored By Floralesse Florist Shop
Vehicle Sound Off Sponsored By G & B Haulage

Plus 12 Spot Prize Sponsors

Dick Electronics of Esperance – Beaurepaires
Canefire Rum – Esperance Communications
Skipper Transport Parts – Sandrat Stickers & Signs
Hoey’s Exhaust Centre – G & B Haulage
Cleanaway Esperance – Moto Advantage
Farm & General AG & Trade – K-Mec Services
Farm & General  EOPP – Sheldon Paint & Panel

“C’mon Mate” show us your Beaute Ute & maybe pick up a Prize?

My Beaut Ute 2017 Flyer

My Beaut Ute 2017 Flyer Info